A comprehensive, integrated, Hospital Information System covering Clinical, Administrative, financial area of healthcare setup!


CareHIS provides a secure, robust environment for transactions across all departments of the hospital and remote access of patient medical records for physicians. The services are designed to help healthcare organizations reduce costs, streamline administrative processes and improve quality of care. The system provides quick response time to the hospital administrators, helping them to significantly improve their operational control. It is specifically designed to cater to the needs of hospitals .



For Patient:

  • Integrated patient record management
  • Electronic Patient records seamless sharing
  • Continuous care to the patient
  • Services are patient-centric
  • Reduce errors
  • Built-in self-check and balance
  • Centralized data, clinical information and record management
  • The overall patient care process is enhanced within controllable
    costs and optimum care levels.

For Stake Holder:


  • Efficient and accurate patient data
  • Faster turnaround for insurance and billings eligibility and claims submission


  • Effective cost control
  • Improve operational management
  • Improve resource utilization and planning.


  • Reporting to statutory authorities
  • Scientific data for research and centralized data storage.